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Tantara, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre)
35x40x30mm 31g
Riemvasmaak, South Africa
64x45x30mm 65g
Nchwaning III Mine, South Africa
35x15x26mm 11g
Nchwaning III Mine, South Africa
85x30x63mm 116g
Kambove District, Democratic Republic Of The Congo
83x110x45mm 118g
Riemvasmaak, South Africa
110x25x67mm 203g
Riemvasmaak, South Africa
100x52x72mm 341g
Tantara, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre)
136x40x100mm 431g
Nchwaning III Mine, South Africa
30x62x20mm 57g
Tantara, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre)
36x75x33mm 94g
N'Chwaning I Mine, South Africa
115x88x10mm 116g
N'Chwaning III Mine, South Africa
88x108x50mm 198g

About Us

We are Jaco and Tania Janse van Nieuwenhuizen and together we are Crystal Spring Minerals (CSM).

Crystal Spring Minerals was born in February 2001, when we decided to source mineral specimens locally and market them world-wide. Based in Kakamas, a small town in the Northern Cape, we are perfectly located in close proximity to major mineral specimen localities, including: The Kalahari Manganese Fields, Orange River Pegmatite Belt, Riemvasmaak and Namibia.

Our close proximity to these localities, translates into competitive operating costs, enabling us to offer the latest finds at the best possible prices. We work closely with our miners and with the experience that we have gained over the years we are able to provide mineral specimens of outstanding quality. We also supply rough material and processed stone goods.

We constantly strive to be best, most reliable supplier of minerals from our region. This is our life, our passion, our livelihood.

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If you ever find yourself in this part of the world please drop in and visit our lovely shop. We are looking forward to spoil you with warm hospitality and have you indulge in eye candy from the second you enter our shop. You can contact us using the adjacent mail form. Please allow 24 hours for us to respond.

Plot 968, Alheit, Kakamas,
Northern Cape Province of South Africa

+27 84 245 9460


Working Hours
Monday to Fridays: 8:00am to 5:00pm GMT +2
Saturday and Sunday: Closed


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