Like most, we also come from humble beginnings. When we started out in the mineral collecting hobby 15 years ago we had almost no knowledge about minerals, where they came from or what they are worth. What we did have was the passion and determination to learn more about minerals and the dream of having our own business trading and sourcing these miracles of nature.

Embarking on such an adventure is exciting but not always smooth sailing, to tell the truth……, most of the time stormy seas and overcast. Lucky for us we had the best Captain, super navigators and a crew that kept all the sails bulging.
It took years, but we are proud to say that we are on course to spectacular new horizons and we cordially invite you to join us on this journey. We promise to show you things that you never imagined possible. Experiences that you will never forget, and souveniers to keep those memories alive for years to come. On top of this, state of the art, professional service that you would expect from a world class business.

The pinnacle of our careers this far…
In August 2013 some specimens of sugilite came from the Nchwaning III mine that had tiny vugs of crystals that we never saw before and could not identify. Just a few months prior, we were introduced to Hexiong Yang from the University of Arizona by Duncan Miller. Together we have submitted some mineral samples for the RUFF database in previous months.

This was the perfect opportunity to send some samples for analyses and we shipped of the new, unknown specimens, together with some older unknowns that we had, to Yang to have them checked out. Even now we do not know who was more surprized, Yang or us….. Turned out, not just one, but three of the samples that we sent did not match anything in the RUFF database. WOW….., imagine the excitement…, we had part in the discovery of three potential new mineral species.

After a lot of hard work done by Yang the three minerals was identified as indeed new minerals and Lipuite, Meieranite and….., Taniajacoite was approved by the IMA board as new species. To us this is a great honour to have a mineral species named after both of us. Many thanks to Yang and the IMA board for this privilege.

Never before seen imagery of Lipuite and taniajacoite.

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